KfW bank helps to solve wastewater problem in Serbia

KfW bank helps to solve wastewater problem in Serbia Izvor: Tanjug/Kabinet potpredsednice Vlade/ M. Mircetic

Serbia’s Minister for Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic said on Tuesday that a contract with the German development KfW bank worth 14.2 million Euros would secure fresh water and solve the wastewater problem in Serbia.

German envoy to Serbia Axel Dittmann and Mihajlovic witnessed the signing of two agreements of the programme between a contractor and the public enterprise “Vodovod Vranje” on the construction of a facility for water purification and the building of a collector in the southern town of Vranje.

The town's Mayor Slobodan Milenkovic said that capital investment would solve a sewage problem in Vranje, primarily in the outskirts and adjoining villages.

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The name of the contractor is Jedinstvo Sevojno, a privately-owned Serbian entity with strong references in waste water treatment plant projects throughout the region.

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