Thaci: Dialogue with Belgrade to end in win-win situation

Thaci: Dialogue with Belgrade to end in win-win situation Izvor: AFP/Odd ANDERSEN

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci said on Tuesday he expected the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina would be a tough one, but that it would continue in the “next days or weeks.”

He added that the dialogue was without an alternative, that “it won’t be easy, but will be a historic one. It should be concluded in the win-win situation with the European values and standards,” implemented by both Belgrade and Pristina.

Speaking at the International Economic Forum of the American Continent (IEFA) held in Montreal, Thaci said he expected “a leading role and a new dynamics from the EU and strong support from the US so that the process ends as soon as possible with the befits for all.”

Thaci's words came after days of uncertainty over the continuation of the dialogue and Pristina's decision not to take part in technical talks earlier this month.

But on Tuesday he said Pristina was ready for the dialogue and an agreement with Belgrade.
Thaci added that only the European perspective for both Kosovo and Serbia could turn the whole region toward the West.

The Western Balkans never had a better chance to build a stable peace because, he said, because “all regional countries were cooperating among themselves.”

“We should use this momentum and the European Union should open the door to the Western Balkans,” Thaci added.

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