Date & setup for Belgrade – Pristina dialogue still unknown

Date & setup for Belgrade – Pristina dialogue still unknown Izvor: N1

Possible date and change of the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue setup on normalisation of relations remain uncertain despite hopes it may continue this month.

Serbia’s officials blame Pristina for the halt in the dialogue under the European Union auspices, saying the announcement of the Kosovo Army formation even without the consent of the Serb MPs further complicated the issue.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said on Monday that the Kosovo Security Forces would be transformed into a military without the votes of the Serb List in the parliament, the leading political organisation of the Kosovo Serbs, supported by Belgrade.

Haradinaj added that the institutions of Kosovo would be forced to transform the Security Forces into the Armed Forces of Kosovo through law instead of through the changes to the Constitution because of the Serb List’s refusal to vote for it.

Marko Djuric, the head of Serbia's Government Office for Kosovo, called the move “the jingling with arms.”

The move came after Pristina has recently refused to take part in a technical dialogue because it wanted an energy agreement and joint border control to top the agenda while Belgrade insisted on the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM) deal which has been pending for three years.

Belgrade has also said that it supported the EU mediation, but that any solution would be difficult to reach without the participation of the US and Russia.

“Everything is uncertain and unpredictable because of the Pristina stand,”  Milovan Drecun, a ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP to Serbia’s Parliament and the head of the Assembly's Commission for Kosovo said on Monday.

He also believes that the US and Russia are necessary participants in a final stage of the dialogue.

For Djuric, however, it is not that significant who takes part

“The setup and those who take part are less important than the essence of the dialogue. It can only succeed if there is a compromise, but right now I don’t see Pristina's readiness.” Djuric said.

He added that the continuation of the dialogue “does not depend on whether someone will call a meeting but whether those who come to the meeting come ready or not.”

“So far, the Albanians haven’t come to the meetings ready to change something,” Djuric said.

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