Zvizdic: Diplomatic notes to Serbia and Montenenegro

Zvizdic: Diplomatic notes to Serbia and Montenenegro Izvor: N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers (CoM) Chairman Denis Zvizdic said the number of migrants had noticeably increased in the past month.

He told a session of the House of Representatives that most migrants are from Syria (around 30 percent), Pakistan (15 percent), Libya (13 percent) Afghanistan and Iran and added that most of them entered Bosnia across the borders with Serbia, Montenegro and lately with Croatia.

Zvizdic said the CoM adopted a Draft Plan of Urgent Measures which will be amended after an Operative Staff meeting and in line with suggestions from other levels of Government in the country.

Once the plan becomes operational a number of police officers from other police agencies will be reassigned immediately to the Border Police and deployed to unofficial border-crossings in Bosnia, Zvizdić said.

The aim of the Plan is to stop the flow of migrants from unoffical crossing points on the borders with Montenegro and Serbia.

He confirmed that Bosnia will send diplomatic notes to Serbia and Montenegro, to let them know that the Bosnian authorities know that migrant settlements and centres are being dismantled and migrants are being sent to Bosnia institutionally and via criminal groups. Bosnia will ask Serbia and Montenegro to stop these activities, Zvizdic said.

Zvizdic said the migrants in the Sarajevo and Una-Sana Cantons will be resettled.

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