Situation very serious, Serbian ruling party MP says

Situation very serious, Serbian ruling party MP says Izvor: N1

Serbia is faced with a very serious situation in the negotiations on a solution to the Kosovo problem, ruling party MP Miroslav Lazanski told N1.

Lazanski, a foreign policy commentator for Belgrade daily Politika, said that official Belgrade is trying to get whatever it can from the negotiations. “Serbia’s position is very difficult we are pulling out what we can. The bill has come in for years of activity or lack of activity on Kosovo,” he said. Serbia could invoke international law but Kosovo has might on its side, he said.

 “The most powerful Western countries won’t say so directly because this is still an attempt underway but they are trying to form a Kosovo military. That military already exists only its not called an army but the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF). NATO experts are training them and equipping them and that’s no secret,”Lazanski said adding that the weapons the KSF has shows who is arming them. “They have M16 rifles,” he said.

Serbia is running against the interests of the most powerful countries in the world but will not head towards a confrontation. “We can’t head into a confrontation and end cooperation with Western countries but we are aware that they are hostile towards Belgrade and we tell them so. They accept this and that is that for now. He said he does not know what the offer on the table is, adding that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will speak out in public once he has an acceptable solution for Kosovo.

“No one is threatening us with bombs or sanctions, we are not in a state of war. They are making offers which we can’t accept,” Lazanski said.

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