Serbia’s PM: IMF suggestion would mean pensions’ reduction

Serbia’s PM: IMF suggestion would mean pensions’ reduction Izvor: Screenshot

Ana Brnabic, Serbia’s Prime Minister said on Friday that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggestion to her cabinet to abolish the three-year-long law on the reduction of pensions, would, in fact, mean less money for up to 80 percent of the retirees.

  She said that the government was trying to find the way to gradually go back to the old system of harmonisation with the GDP growth over two-year period.

“We cannot simply put the pensions back as the IMF wants. That would mean that up to 80 percent of the retired people would get less money,” Brnabic said.

She added: “We cannot simply say we cancel the law.”  

 The IMF wants changes to the pension laws for people with high pensions but 76 percent of the elderly would get nothing, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said later in the day.

“The IMF is not calling for the law to be abolished because it loves the pensioners more than we do but for other reasons,” he said, adding that under the IMF recommendation pensioners who get 25,000 Dinars or less (about 200 Euro) would not get more money while pensioners who get 30,000 Dinars (about 240 Euro) would get a minimal raise.  

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