NATO says depleted uranium not a health risk

NATO says depleted uranium not a health risk Izvor: REUTERS/Yves Herman

NATO believes that the depleted uranium munitions expended during the war in Kosovo do not pose a health risk to the population, NATO told N1 on Friday.

N1 asked NATO for a comment on the possible consequences of the use of depleted uranium munitions in Serbia after Parliament Speaker Maja Gojkovic said she proposed the forming a commission to investigate the effects of the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia on the environment and health of the population.  

In its written reply, the Alliance said that the NATO Committee on Depleted Uranium concluded that the use of depleted uranium in the Kosovo conflict did not cause any continuing health risk.

“NATO takes matters of health and the environment very seriously and that is why it established the Committee as a forum for the exchange of information on possible health risks associated with depleted uranium,” the Alliance said, adding that a 2001 UN Environment Programme report also concluded that sites with depleted uranium pose no significant health risks.

“This is scientific evidence,” the written response said.

The Alliance explained that depeleted uranium is used by some countries to make armour or bullets because it is a very dense metal.

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Misha Jovanovic, San Diego, California

Ask family members of hundreds of dead Italian soldiers. Balkan lifes don't matter anyway.

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Yeah, that's right! I am sending my children to Serbia on a health vacation. :-)

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Are you for real???!

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* Sva polja su obavezna