Lewandowski: Chance for Serbia’s closer links to US

Lewandowski: Chance for Serbia’s closer links to US Izvor: Tanjug/ Sava Radovanović

Former political advisor and the US President Donald Trump campaign’s manager Corey Lewandowski, has said in Belgrade that it was good time for improvement of Serbia and the US relations.

Speaking at a gathering “America Today”, related to Trump’s campaign, Lewandowski added that a new US policy was more open toward the building of new releations in the world and that Serbia should grab that chance.

He said it was important for Serbia’s leaders to visit the US.

“Any country that wants to have stronger and better relations with the US has a unique opportunity to do that now, during President Trump’s administration, because he looks at the future and builds new relations” between countries, Lewandowski said, adding that “your presence in Washington is a key to the improvement of mutual relations. I hope you will use this opportunity.”

A part of Serbia’s opposition has described Lawandowski as “a controversial lobbyist”, and criticised his visit.  

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