Kosovo president to finalize talks with Serbia

Kosovo president to finalize talks with Serbia Izvor: Dimitar Dilkoff / AFP

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has been given the authority to conduct talks on an internationally binding legal agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, Radio Free Europe reported on Thursday.

  The Kosovo government adopted a state platfom to finalize the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue which gives the president the powers to conduct the final talks with a delegation which will include members of all parties, RFE said.

The document which RFE had access to says that the Kosovo Parliament insists on the dialogue ending in an internationally binding legal agreement which will lead to the mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia.

That agreement will also lead to a full normalization of relations with respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of both Serbia and Kosovo, membership in the United Nations and other international organizations and faster Euroatlantic integration.

According to the document, parliament is the final instance which will ratify the agreement to be reached with Serbia.

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