Macedonian FM: I won’t reply to Dacic

Macedonian FM: I won’t reply to Dacic Izvor: N1

Nikola Dimitrov, Macedonian Foreign Minister has told N1 television he will not meet his Serbia’s counterpart Ivica Dacic while in Belgrade, neither will he comment on Dacic’s statement regarding Serbia’s recognition of Macedonia’s name.

  In an exclusive interview, Dimitrov, who is attending the 10th anniversary of the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB), said it was up to the officials whether there would be “poking” or brotherly relations. He referred to last week’s Dacic’s statement that Serbia’s recognition of the Macedonian name as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRM) was “an imprudent move”.

“I think that such statements are not very helpful. We are ministers in two governments, we represent two close peoples. We have a common history in Yugoslavia, we will be together again in the EU, hopefully not in a distant future, and nothing can spoil our closeness”, Dimitrov told N1 television.

He said Macedonia could not be a great player in regard to Belgrade – Pristina dispute. Skopje recognised Kosovo’s independence in 2008. “We share the border and it is in our interest that that problem is solved in the best possible way for both sides through the dialogue mediated by the Brussels and Federica Mogherini. We have quite enough of our own problems and I would not like Macedonia to be a collateral damage”, Dimitrov said.    

Serbia and Macedonia have an interest in seeing each other succeed and they should help each other and show understanding for each others’ national interests. “It’s in Macedonia’s interest for Serbia to be successful and it’s in Serbia’s interest for Macedonia to be successful,” he said.

Dimitrov said his country has a new policy of solving problems. “I think it is time to bravely face reality and look problems in the eyes. That will be good for us and the entire region,” he said.

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