Bomb in Bosniak politician’s yard in Sandzak

Bomb in Bosniak politician’s yard in Sandzak Izvor: Dino Stanin/PIXSELL (ilustracija)

Explosive device has gone off in the yard of Salih Hot, a high-ranking official of the Democratic Action Party (SDA) in Serbia’s south-western part of Sandzak, home to Bosniak’s minority in the country. No one was injured.

Police started an investigation early Monday and Hot’s neighbours in the town of Tutin said the loud explosion woke them up at 3 am.The blast damaged a car parked in the yard.

SDA said in a statement that the explosion was a terrorist act, and “the result of a tolerance for the attacks against the legitimate Bosniaks’ representatives” showed by the state institutions.

Bosniaks from Sandzak have been repeatedly demanding that the structure of police, judiciary and other state institutions at local level equals their participation in general population.

That is stipulated by the Constitution and laws but practise is a bit different. Many Serbs blame Sandzak Bosniaks for allegedly taking a significant role in the Bosnian war in the 1990s aiding their brethren there.

The Monday’s attack was the third in a row in Tutin in the last two months, according to Sandzak Press web site. It added that the investigation in the previous two incident produced no results.

Bosniaks’ National Council (BNV) also commented on the Monday’s attack saying that it “sends a dangerous message to Bosniaks in Sandzak”.

They called upon the EU, Council of Europe, UN and other international institutions to deal with the status of Sandzak and the Bosniaks’ in Serbia, to enable them to “enjoy basic rights to life, freedom and safety”.

According to the 211 census, over 140,000 Bosniaks live in Sandzak alongside with some 55,000 Serbs and small percentage of ethnic Albanians and those declaring themselves as Muslims.    

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