A quarter of Serbians live in poverty

A quarter of Serbians live in poverty Izvor: PIXSELL/Hrvoje Jelavic

A quarter of the population of Serbia live in relative poverty with a monthly income of just over 100 Euro, a Belgrade university economic professor said .

Speaking at Monday's a presentation of the Monitoring of the Social Situation in Serbia (MONS) monthly magazine, University School of Economics Professor Mihail Arandarenko said that about one fourth of the population have a monthly income of 15,400 Dinars (about 130 Euro).

“Poverty in Serbia is measured not through the European concept of relative poverty which means they have an income below the level of 60 percent of the national average but through absolute poverty which is defined through the consumer basket which includes the minimum of food needed for survival,” he said.

“Compared to European Union member states and Turkey, Serbia ranks first in terms of relative poverty,” Arandarenko said, adding that in 2016 7.3 percent of the population of Serbia had a monthly income of less than 100 Euro with 1-1.5 percent of the population living in extreme poverty.

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